Monday, August 3, 2009

Week One

Last week was a pretty hectic week considering it was the first time I'd had a full 40 hour week in almost 3 months. Monday I woke up fine but got no sleep the night before which sucked. When I got there Jamey and Jill were all ready to go and JT was still sleeping. I made it early which was awesome since they said 5 minutes early was on time. I got there at 6:35 and felt awesome! JT got up around 8:30 and until then I just sat around reading.
Once he woke up we played for a little bit but mostly I just watched the clock. I turned on Elmo because he would not stop asking about it. Once he was distracted sufficiently I started to vacuum and clean around the house. That took all of 30 minutes, even with me stretching it as far as possible.
When I was done with that I just watched some tv and colored. It was pretty boring. Finally it was time for lunch so I made chicken nuggets with green beans. He didn't eat anything. I tried feeding it to him and he ate a little of it but not much. I cooked it in the microwave cause thats what Jill said she always does but I think that was the problem. Last time when I made them in the oven he ate pretty well. Maybe the microwave makes them too tough...
After lunch he went down for a nap and I colored and watched more tv. It was just like that until he woke up around 3... From then on we played until 4:30 when Jill got home. The rest of the week went just like that until Thursday.
On Thursdays Jill works from home so I didn't have to be there till 9. I was super excited Wednesday night that I didn't have to be up before 6 but as it turned out I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Lame. Once I got there I had to do a bunch of cleaning before 10 when the therapist comes. I don't mind when shes there because its someone to talk to and it makes the time go by fast but it does suck having Jill there. Not because of anything she really does but because its always weird having someone there watching and listening out. Its like they re paying attention to every little thing I do and its uncomfortable. Once Kim (the therapist) left JT was in a pretty shitty mood cause he was tired. He barely ate at all and when we played he kept hitting not only me but himself also. I ended up putting him down early cause he was more than ready.
Friday Jamey was home so I didn't have to be in until 9 again. Sweet! Except I still woke up earlier than I had wanted. Oh well. Anyway, he had to run some errands so after sitting in the playroom with me and JT for a bit he left. It was much better with him home cause he left quickly, lol. Also, he brought me Zaxbys when he got back! And he let me leave before 1 plus he paid me since it was Friday. Lol, he had a lot of good things backing up his day of the week.
Friday night Tim and I went to Derricks apt for a party. It was so lame. When we got there there were only 3 guys not including Tim and Derrick. Eventually we took the party to Tim's to smoke hookah which was definitely the right choice cause it was more fun. Plus, we got to hang out with Corey which was good too.
Saturday I woke up sort of hung over which sucked but whatever. I went home to do a quick half assed cleaning before Jamie came over. She got there around 1 for our sleepover which I thought was a little early but turned out to be perfect. We went to Target and lunch before going to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was SO GOOD!!! I cant wait to watch it again with Tim. It was definitely way funnier than either of us had been expecting. After that we went to the mall. It was so hard not to shop! I can't even explain it. But I did end up getting a pair of shoes. Hey, I'm trying to save money but I'm not totally over shopping! Besides, the shoes were only $7! A great deal can make you feel so good.
When we got home we just colored and watched movies. She ended up dying my hair and I love the color. Connie was being such a bitch the whole time which sucked. She either wouldn't talk to us at all or she had an attitude the whole time. She didn't lighten up until Justin and his friends came over around 11. It was ridiculous how loud they were. They had the tv blaring from 11 until 9 the NEXT day. I couldn't believe it and I'm so not over being pissed about it. I even asked Connie to turn it down, not that it mattered. Theres more I want to complain about/write about but Tim's waiting on me so we can go to the pool so I guess it'll have to wait!

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