Monday, August 3, 2009

Week One

Last week was a pretty hectic week considering it was the first time I'd had a full 40 hour week in almost 3 months. Monday I woke up fine but got no sleep the night before which sucked. When I got there Jamey and Jill were all ready to go and JT was still sleeping. I made it early which was awesome since they said 5 minutes early was on time. I got there at 6:35 and felt awesome! JT got up around 8:30 and until then I just sat around reading.
Once he woke up we played for a little bit but mostly I just watched the clock. I turned on Elmo because he would not stop asking about it. Once he was distracted sufficiently I started to vacuum and clean around the house. That took all of 30 minutes, even with me stretching it as far as possible.
When I was done with that I just watched some tv and colored. It was pretty boring. Finally it was time for lunch so I made chicken nuggets with green beans. He didn't eat anything. I tried feeding it to him and he ate a little of it but not much. I cooked it in the microwave cause thats what Jill said she always does but I think that was the problem. Last time when I made them in the oven he ate pretty well. Maybe the microwave makes them too tough...
After lunch he went down for a nap and I colored and watched more tv. It was just like that until he woke up around 3... From then on we played until 4:30 when Jill got home. The rest of the week went just like that until Thursday.
On Thursdays Jill works from home so I didn't have to be there till 9. I was super excited Wednesday night that I didn't have to be up before 6 but as it turned out I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. Lame. Once I got there I had to do a bunch of cleaning before 10 when the therapist comes. I don't mind when shes there because its someone to talk to and it makes the time go by fast but it does suck having Jill there. Not because of anything she really does but because its always weird having someone there watching and listening out. Its like they re paying attention to every little thing I do and its uncomfortable. Once Kim (the therapist) left JT was in a pretty shitty mood cause he was tired. He barely ate at all and when we played he kept hitting not only me but himself also. I ended up putting him down early cause he was more than ready.
Friday Jamey was home so I didn't have to be in until 9 again. Sweet! Except I still woke up earlier than I had wanted. Oh well. Anyway, he had to run some errands so after sitting in the playroom with me and JT for a bit he left. It was much better with him home cause he left quickly, lol. Also, he brought me Zaxbys when he got back! And he let me leave before 1 plus he paid me since it was Friday. Lol, he had a lot of good things backing up his day of the week.
Friday night Tim and I went to Derricks apt for a party. It was so lame. When we got there there were only 3 guys not including Tim and Derrick. Eventually we took the party to Tim's to smoke hookah which was definitely the right choice cause it was more fun. Plus, we got to hang out with Corey which was good too.
Saturday I woke up sort of hung over which sucked but whatever. I went home to do a quick half assed cleaning before Jamie came over. She got there around 1 for our sleepover which I thought was a little early but turned out to be perfect. We went to Target and lunch before going to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It was SO GOOD!!! I cant wait to watch it again with Tim. It was definitely way funnier than either of us had been expecting. After that we went to the mall. It was so hard not to shop! I can't even explain it. But I did end up getting a pair of shoes. Hey, I'm trying to save money but I'm not totally over shopping! Besides, the shoes were only $7! A great deal can make you feel so good.
When we got home we just colored and watched movies. She ended up dying my hair and I love the color. Connie was being such a bitch the whole time which sucked. She either wouldn't talk to us at all or she had an attitude the whole time. She didn't lighten up until Justin and his friends came over around 11. It was ridiculous how loud they were. They had the tv blaring from 11 until 9 the NEXT day. I couldn't believe it and I'm so not over being pissed about it. I even asked Connie to turn it down, not that it mattered. Theres more I want to complain about/write about but Tim's waiting on me so we can go to the pool so I guess it'll have to wait!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

I cant believe its been so long since my last entry. A lot has happened.
Last week Tim and I stayed at his parents house to watch Ollie while they went to Florida to visit Tim's grandmother. We were both looking forward to it on Wednesday when we went but by Thursday I was ready to get the heck out of there.
Wednesday I got to his parents in the afternoon after finishing some laundry and packing for us both. Jamie ended up coming over too! I made cookies while she surfed the internet and I really enjoyed it. I love making cookies, lol, no matter how ridiculous it is. The icing was super bright and they looked so cool! While I was having girl time Tim was just playing on WoW. No big surprise there. When we went to bed poor Ollie wouldn't do anything but lay between us. He was so depressed! Not only was Michelle gone but so was Tim's Dad and Mom, all his favorite people.
Thursday morning started out really really badly. Tim read some text messages in my phone from Aaron and got furious. It was a whole big mess. He told me he thought seriously about breaking up with me. I just sat there looking like an idiot while he yelled and threw things and figured his own way out of the break up zone. It scared the hell out of me.
That afternoon Tyler and Jamie came over which were really good distractions. We all just hung out and did nothing. He played WoW for a while again and I colored a lot. I get so frustrated when he just plays all day. Ugh. I spent most of the day Thursday sitting alone in the living room not speaking until Tyler got there. I just felt so down. It took a while for me to get past Tim saying he had thought about breaking up with me. It was just such a shock. Its hard to imagine him even considering breaking up when I feel like everything is so perfect... It still makes me feel like I could cry.
Friday was boring all day (yet again) but that evening Jeff, Lauren, Kevin Sullivan, Rachel, and Corey came over to grill out and it was surprisingly fun. I always hate when Jeff and Lauren are around cause its so awkward. Jeff has such an attitude. He acts like he knows more than everyone and will one day have more money than anyone around him so who cares what they think or say or feel. Ugh. Lauren, on the other hand, is much trickier. Where Jeff doesn't seem to care if people knows how arrogant he is, Lauren is the picture of an angel. A scowling angel with her nose so far up in the air she can't speak with peasants like me. Its even worse that Tim has no real idea they're like this. He knows that Jeff acts like hes better than others but I don't think he realizes that I'm one of those people he wouldn't talk to unless forced. Oh well.
Saturday morning sucked so bad. We woke up at 8 cause we were gonna go on the lake with 2 of my favorite people plus Kevin but I figured Id just stay cause I wanted to get a head start on cleaning the house instead. So they went but I thought they were gonna be back by 10:30 or 11 so we could all have breakfast together. That's what I thought was gonna happen because that's what had been discussed Friday night. Well, no. They got back at 11:30 and I couldn't even eat with them. I had to be at Jamie's by 12 to make jello shots for her birthday party that night. Tim and I got in a big fight because I felt left out and like nobody cared. I know Tim cared but he didn't say sorry and to top it off he wasn't listening entirely while I was trying to explain why I was upset. That just made everything worse.
Anyway, i finally made it to Jamie's around 12:30. Avis, Jamie, and I went to the liquor store to get cups with lids for the jello and then we went and got our eyebrows waxed. I really didn't want to because I was in such a bad mood from fighting with Tim but Jamie forced me to. I'm glad I did it. They look really good. :) After that we made it back to the house to prepare the shots and it went so quick. I was really surprised. Typically when I make them it takes forever to get the water to boil but I guess in a newer house the stove is nicer than you would find in an apartment. Go figure.
After that I went back to Tim's parents to keep cleaning before his parents got home. Big surprise Tim was playing WoW and not cleaning. I was pissed (again) but I cleaned up all the dishes from the breakfast I didn't get to have. I'm still really bitter. I purposefully didn't eat breakfast because I thought I would get to with Tim. Lol, clearly I was holding on to it for too long. Oh well.
We left shortly after I was done cleaning and went back to the apartment. When we got there LauraBeth and Corey were just about to start watching Anchorman so Tim and I sat and watched the beginning before we left for Jamie's birthday party. I knew Tim really didn't want to go but I'm glad he did. We had an alright time. I'm positive I had a better one than he did. I drank more than I should of but luckily didn't get sick. We drove Jamie home cause Chris didn't want to go when she did. It was odd how they treated each other that night. Chris stayed away the whole time, I felt so bad for them both.
Sunday was pretty uneventful. I had nerves all day from being scared about Monday. I barely got any sleep at all. This is entirely too long so I will write about the week later. When my fingers are less tired.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Had an interview today for the mentally challenged family and I got the job! I was super nervous but after about 10 minutes of talking with the mom she said she just knew I was gonna work out. It was such a non interview interview. She was really laid back and gave me a tour of the house. I told her I know I'm young and don't have a lot of this specific type of experience but that I was excited for the opportunity and that I want to learn absolutely everything I can about it. The best part is I meant it, there was no bs there at all.
We had a pretty good weekend overall. Friday we were at the apartment all day. Tim played WoW while I read, watched TV, or cleaned. We ended up arguing about how much he was playing because I got really irritated. I just get so bored here and theres nothing to do. Why bother being here if hes just going to ignore me? I know he always feels really bad for it though, which then makes me feel guilty. We resolved it enough I guess. I told him I don't like feeling like a nag and he said he'll try harder not to play for longer than 4 hours at a time. Keep in mind, I didn't get mad Friday until he played for 6 hours.
Friday night we went over to Anna's house for a little get together. I thought it was gonna suck but I didn't have too bad a time. I drank a little, just enough to get to the happy drunk point. I felt bad for Tim though because I know its weird not really knowing anyone. When we go to parties like that he gets really quiet and sticks with the people he knows but I like to talk to everyone. I socialize more when we don't know people, lol, and Tim is way better at the parties that are at his place. I like both.
Saturday I went over to Jamie's around 1 and we made cookies! It was so much fun! We got to gossip and Chris and Tim and it was really nice. There were no boys, no distractions, just cookies and cigarette breaks. We made a batch of regular sugar cookies and also some cinnamon ones that were amazing. Also, I made the frosting from scratch. I love the recipe I use cause its really simple, only 4 ingredients, and dries really smooth and shiny. I chose to use a bunch of neon colors so they were incredibly bright and vibrant. I loved it.
I didn't get home until about 9 which was way later than I had been planning on. Poor Tim! He was home alone all day and so bored. He kept texting me saying he missed me and being really sweet. He's so adorable, he doesn't even know! When I finially did get home we drove all the way to Cartersville for Kevin Sullivan's girlfriends birthday party. We stayed about long enough to eat and then came back here. We ended up going to hang out with Bob for a bit and then finally coming home. Tim didn't care what we did that night just as long as it got him out of the apartment!
Sunday Tim and I went swimming with Connie and Justin. It was really nice. Connie and I layed out and read magazines while Justin and Tim swam and then we all sat out and then Tim and I got in. The water was cold! It almost wasn't hot enough outside to make the cold water worth the freeze. The weather today and this past week has just been gorgeous. Were really lucky cause theres a natural breeze so its comfy to sit on the porch.
After swimming Tim and I went to his parents house for dinner. He was gonna (finally!) make me his amazing chicken nuggets for dinner but his parents called saying they tried out a new recipe for dinner, made too much, and wanted to know if we wanted to eat. Heck yes we did! It was chicken breast stuffed with sour cream and spinach and then wrapped in bacon. It was pretty good but personally I'm not a fan of spinach once its been cooked. I much prefer baby spinach cause it has an entirely different taste. It was well worth it though.
Today has been pretty good. I started a load of laundry before my interview and when I was emptying pockets from shorts and pants I found $5 in my jeans!

And that's how I knew today would be special.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its all about the money, Honey!

Harry Potter really wasn't all I thought it would be. The 6Th book felt like a filler, mainly there just to explain Dumbledore being murdered and Voldemortes soul being broken up into pieces. I feel like there is just so much in the 7Th book that it would of been beneficial, at least for the last movie, to separate them into 2. The last book felt so saturated and too much, especially in comparison to the 6Th book.
Tim slept through almost every bit of the movie. It was my fault though, poor guy. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to go to the midnight showing! He should of taken a nap before the movie but we were hanging out with David all afternoon.
It ended up being me, Tim, David, and Corey that went but we expected Jon to be there too. He ended up going to an entirely different theatre because Brittany bought their tickets to the wrong theatre. Seriously, Brittany? Nobody even invited her. I'm personally glad Jon didn't come to ours cause I would not of wanted to see Brittany even a little bit.
Also, there was some talk of going to see the movie with Kevin, Mike, and possibly Stevie. They were quickly put to a stop though when Kevin made it clear hes still uncomfortable around me and Tim. It makes me really sad still. Its been over 2 years that he and I broke up... I wish we could BOTH come to a point where we can be happy and comfortable and at peace. I doubt it will ever happen.
Yesterday I got on to and changed around my availability so that I can still apply to random baby sitting jobs. If anything falls in to my not working time I am all about making some extra money as soon as possible! I also changed it on sitter city but I'm wondering if I should find another site to go to also... You can't have too many!
I applied to a job (through care) for two mentally challenged kids that's looking promising. I already got a response from the mother asking when I could meet for an interview next week so I'm looking forward to it!
The kids aren't really kids necessarily... It's a 19 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. The boy is on the level of a 2-4 year old, is non verbal, has some autism, and mild cerebral palsy. The girl is on the level of a 6 - 10 year old, has a small speech impediment but generally cares for herself. I'm really really looking forward to working with them. I think it will be extremely interesting and will teach me a lot of valuable things. I love that it will be a great learning experience and also that its a whole new aspect of this job.
I need to go to the bookstore later cause Kelly sent me a text Sunday asking if I wanted to work the next rush. I think it starts in a week? I'm not really sure but I should definitely get my butt in gear and go over there! If it starts this upcoming week then crap, I might not be on the schedule because I've waited so long. :( Hopefully I'm not wrong that it starts this week but hopefully I am wrong that I wont be on it. I could really use the money, I'm down to my last $20 and its really scary. Knowing I have a job means nothing when I'm still not making any money...
You would not believe the amount of time I spend thinking about money. How to get it, how to keep it, what I'll spend it on, and how to make the MOST the FASTEST!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tim and I had an amazing trip to Kentucky! It was so much fun, I seriously love his family. His Grandmother and Grandfather could not be sweeter. We drove Tim's cousin Haylee back with us on Friday. Its only a 4 hour drive so its not too bad. At first Haylee was really shy but by about halfway through she opened up. Man, that kid can talk!
After we dropped Haylee off we headed to his grandparents house expecting to see them and say goodnight, then go smoke. When we got there though his grandmother was wide awake and we ended up talking with her for 3 hours. I guess talking a lot runs in the family!
Satuday morning we got up before 8 and went to breakfast with his grandfather. It was a really cute, small place and the food was really good. I got eggs and even though I normally dont like them I ended up eating all of them! It was great. After breakfast we drove around town for a few hours with his grand dad just showing us houses he used to own and the schools his kids went to and his old businesses. I loved it.
That afternoon Tim and I hung around the house until about 8:30 when we went to Val and Kevins for some fireworks. Apparently it rained on the 4th so they didnt get to use really any of the fireworks until last night. We loved it. There were so many! Tim got to launch a whole bunch which I think made him happy.
Last night we smoked a lot and hung out watching a movie before we went to sleep. Then this morning we got up early (duh) again for breakfast with both his grandparents. His grandmother was feeling guilty cause we didnt get to see a whole lot of her but we didnt mind. We had a good trip so we definitely werent complaining.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Work was really great today! The grandmother was there and that was actually really nice. I was worried that she might be bossy or judgemental but she was great the whole day. We talked about politics and even Michael Jackson. It couldn't of gone better.
Really the only way to describe JT is fragile. Hes just so tiny and delicate. On the other hand he also had a ton of energy at times. It was interesting to see him go from crazy hyper to extremely tired. He never really ate too much but that's really to be expected with a preemie. I was surprised by not how many TVs were in the home but how big they were. it was ridiculous! There was a 36 inch TV in the PLAY room. Really? Does the kid need Elmo to be that big? Also, in his room there is a huge TV angled towards his crib. I can kind of understand having a TV in his room so that when you're maybe rocking him to bed you could watch something but even then, that's a stretch. The fact that it faces his crib is just weird. Hes only 2!
After I got out of work I went home and then Connie came home shortly after. We just went to a BBQ place for the first time and it was pretty good. I'm sure we'll be going there again. It was really nice getting to sit around and talk with her, I have barely seen her in months. Hers and Justin's 3 month anniversary is this Saturday. Its so funny how it feels like they've been together for longer than that. When I think about how long Tim and I have been together (only a year, lol) sometimes it feels like forever and other times it feels like no time.
I still keep coughing! It sucks so much cause no matter how much I cough my throat just doesn't feel any better. I really hope I'm not getting sick. Also, I cant stop thinking about my foot! I have about 15 (and I swear I'm not even exaggerating) different ant bites on my left foot and they burn and itch. It sucks. :(
Jamie should be here any second. Were not gonna go out anymore tonight. Yes! But only because Avis is dog sitting for Richie's mom. That dog is so old its blind and Avis is afraid that if she leaves her in the apartment then it'll get lost or hurt. Jamie and I are gonna drive over there and I guess eat dinner and just bitch and gossip. The gossiping will be alright but Ive already gotten all of mine out by talking with Connie, lol. It's better that way anyway because Connie and I agree on so much and shes not judgemental. I can complain about something stupid between me and Tim and not have to worry that Connie will say we should just break up. Jamie, though she tries to hide it, hates that I'm still with Tim and its so obvious. Its ridiculous and annoying and it belittles my feelings, not to mention how disrespectful she is being towards Tim whenever she says anything. Ugh. I need to not think this way or I'll be mad when she gets here.
Last night I got so mad at Tim. The other day we got in a big fight over him playing Wow and its the same ol fight. Its so stupid. He thinks I hate that he plays but its not the video game, its the way he does it. Like, he'll say he'll be off in a few minutes and then he wont be. I'm ok if he wants to play for a few hours but I hate being told he'll be done "shortly" or "in a few" and then hes not. Last night he played for 4 1/2 hours and that's why I was pissed, not even that he played. It's just so frustrating. After he was done he knew I was pissed but we didn't really address it. Instead he started acting super sweet and complimenting me and stuff. When we got in bed I was so ready to just go to sleep and not really talk to him or anything but we ended up fooling around. I was really surprised by how good it was, lol. Maybe we should have angry sex more often?

Monday, July 6, 2009


Finally! I went back to see how well JT and I get along yesterday and his parents offered me the job. I'm so thankful. I work tomorrow through Thursday 9-1 but then not again until the 27Th. That's alright with me though, a job is a job and even if it starts a little later than I'd like its still gonna be there! Plus, Tim isn't really hurting for money right now so it helps that he isn't worried.
Cameron is in town and every time we try to see each other it doesn't work out. Its so frustrating. I thought we were gonna get together yesterday after my interview but she canceled. Instead she asked if I wanted to go to Chattanooga with her today and I said sure but that fell through also. She called me this morning crying about how Nick's dad said something mean about her and she said she'd call me back. I know I should be disappointed we didn't meet up but really, it was just nice talking to her. It feels like such an effortless friendship. Were gonna get together on Wednesday hopefully!
Speaking of an effortless friendship, Tori is in town also! She leaves tomorrow though, I think. She was talking Saturday about wanting to get a tattoo while she was out here which made me really happy. I told her about Mike and how he told me she would fit her in (just for me, haha) but I think she chickened out. I can't really blame her, its a scary thing! To get something permanent put on yourself and to know its gonna be painful is too much for some people to get past. Oh well.
I'm really looking forward to working tomorrow. The first day of hopefully a job I'll be at for a very long time. After work tomorrow I'm supposed to hang out with Jamie and Avis but who knows. The last 2 or 3 times we've tried its fallen through. I hope it doesn't cause I know we all have a lot of gossip for one another but on the other hand I hope it does because I know having Jamie at the house is upsetting for Connie. Also, I know Jamie wants to go out and probably get a beer or something, which I can't afford. And it will be annoying to have to tell her so.

The 4Th was really fun. Tim and I went to pick Connie up and then headed over to Tyler's house. Mr. Tim and Mrs. Debbie had fireworks and food. It was cool. We stayed until about 10 and then we went to Mikes house. It was interesting to see his gardens and his house. Tim and I felt like the cool kids because he invited us, lol.